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John & Alyssa

I'm not sure if I love my clients or the coast more. JUST kidding! I definitly love my clients more, especially the ones who book sessions at the coast. Its a win win! John and Alyssa are the dearist of friends who are just about to leave to move across the states to prusue new work/careers. 

I met them 6+ years ago from mutual friends, and then life took us on 2 diffrent paths. A few months ago Alyssa entered my photography giveaway and won! I was thrilled when we decided on our location being Hug Point.

Hug Point gives you all the feels, throwing in some dark rock, beautiful views, a lovley waterfall and some hidden hideaways. If you've been wanting to update your couples and or family photos dont wait, reach out. This weather we've been having has been amazing beach weather.

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John & Alyssa
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