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Mount Pisgah Arboretum

There's something about summer weddings that just fuels my fire. Living in the PNW our summers can be a little shot, so when they happen I tend to rellish them. I met Aaron & Marissa while I shot their special day with as an associate shooter for a photogrpaher friend. The day was absolutly gorgeous. A mid 70 and sunny, with a little cloud cover. Marissa's dress was beautifully detailed with lace and light beading. Her florals were stunning, and the day went smoothly. They shared a touching first look together in the trees. They even read a little snipit of their vows, to be fully transparent with each other. The ceremony started with a percessional and a fun family filled ceremony. Tears were shed and laughs were had, and the day was one to remember.   

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Olympic Natonal Park
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