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Pricing and Investment Packages

Invest in your love story

Booking with me can be easy peasy. After you explore my packages listed below, pick which one interest's you. Then all you need to do is scroll down, click and fill out my inquire form below to put our ball in motion.
After I get back to you we make a plan, then secure your date with a Non refundable deposit, we sign some paps and lickty-split I'll be sending you over a wedding guide that will help you make all those tough wedding decisions.

Weather your in the market for couples, portraits, or senior sessions; or maybe something  just because. I'll be here for you. If your ready to go on an adventure I'm ready to make something happen, if your ready too click the button below!!


I'm a LOVER of the wedding day! There full of happy tears, special moments, and laughter. There are no two weddings that are the same. Some couples prefer something short & sweet, others prefer a day more elaberate. Whitchever you prefer I'll be there for every step of you're adventure. With my toolbet full of various tips and tricks, I'm her for all the help!

1.  Pick a package that suits you best

There's a reason you've found yourself here and I'm thrilled. Take a quick peak at what I offer and see what's right for you. Let's start planning the wedding of your dreams.

My Pricing

2.  Scroll down a bit to my contact form

After reviewing what package suits you best please fill out my contact form. Once done hit that submit button and I'll be on the other end. Please give me 24 business hours to get back to you. When I'm not a photographer I'm killing it being a mom. 

3.  Let me hear an "OH Yeah!" 

After I send you a response email lets get down to business. I'll send you over my contract for review and for you to sign. Once done, I'll send you over a deposit request. I require a non-refundable 25% deposit upon booking to secure your date!