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My first full YEAR!!!!!

These last 365 days have definitly been a learning journey for sure. My 2021 goals were small, minimal to say the least. I'm so excited to share with you all what I have planned this year! For 2021 I wanted to shoot an engagement session, second shoot/lead shoot at least 1 wedding, shoot at the coast at least once; and all that happen within the first 3 months of buisness. After that, I relized I had set my goals too small and I needed to adjust them. I made 3 new goals, and started out on my new found journey.

This year, what do you think a goals of mine is??

What is our 2022 goal?!

A: Travel to California

B: Travel Internationally

C: Travel to Hawaii

D: All of the above

If you think the answer is D you'd be correct! I have set 3 new 2022 goals, and I'm reaching for the stars. Will you be the ones to help me get there?! I'd love to offer a discout with those of you who are up for a killer adventure to the places listed above.

For further inquiries: Go ahead and click the button below.

What I can do for you?

As a member of the Wedding + Elopement community I'm thrilled to be able to offer timeless photo's to my clients. An important part of photography for me is to be able to sucessfully communicate and document those special moments that take place in your life.


I'm always open to chatting about adjusting a package to fit all your needs. Bridal portraits have definitely become a favorite of mine. Being able to pin point the exact look/feel your going for is easier in a more controled setting. Hop in your wedding attire and lets get you in for a session.

Before or After your wedding!


Here’s how I do it:

  1. Well start by finding the right package for you

  2. Setting up a personalized zoom call/phone call

  3. Will go over your ideas and lock in a plan for you

  4. Decide if you need additional vendors/coordination assistance

  5. Set you up on a payment plan

  6. Lock in your venue if you haven't already

  7. We will chat again 2 months- 7 days prior to your event/wedding

  8. I'll meet you 15-20 mintes early on your special day before we get rockin' and a rollin'.

  9. We will celebrate the day/night away

A Quick Prep Checklist:

Bought Wedding Dress

Found Florist

Found your photographer

Veil or No Veil

Picked Venue

Hair and Makeup Trial booked


Heals or Flats

Two dresses or one

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