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How much are you planning on spending for your special day?

Cost is, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest motivators for couples who decide to elope. Some couples get caught up in the overwhelming planning of their wedding, and forget to focus on the things that truly mean the most to them. I know personally, that no matter my budget, I want flowers that reflect m- who I am. When thinking about florals you'll need for your wedding the price point will be drastically diffrent. When including a whole briadal party, center pieces, ans additional floral decore into your costs it can raise your total cost for flowers between $500-$1200. Instead, when you choose to Elope at minimum you'll need a bouquet/bout. As you sit down and make a list of the things that you don’t want to compromise on, I strongly suggest really reflecting on what will be the most important to you.

Is it the type of flowers you’d like, is it the non-negotiable cake flavor? Is it the style of dress you’d like to wear, or have you been obsessing over those sparkly ankle shoes you saw at the mall?! Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help sort out those problematic life choices. I know as I plan my wedding, I’m realizing there are things I didn’t think about and other things I would not prefer to compromise on. Being a wedding photographer can make wedding planning for yourself one troublesome task.

Let me help you gain the knowledge you’ll need to make your elopement or destination the wedding of your dreams.

Cost: Narrow down what your needs and wants are, and then go from there. Being set on a budget before you go out and window shop for those sparkly shoes you just can’t resist can be a good start to your wedding preparations.

Destinations: Deciding where you want to Elope/tie the knot is a good second step. In this step you’ll decide where the best place is for the two of you. Is it at the place you both first met each other 10 years ago? Is it the cliffside of your favorite beach, or is it a place you both have been eager to visit? Whatever the location make sure you both love it as it will be a part of your wedding photos for years to come.

Guest Count:This is probably something that can and could be covered maybe first. This is one of the main things to help you decide if you’re planning on eloping or having a larger family gathering. Eloping with just the necessities instead of the whole family does sound more appealing to certain people. Not everyone is in the mood for the whole family and your second cousins to join in on the fun. Eloping can create that special intamite bond that you may not get to share when having a larger scale wedding.

Planning a wedding can be an extremly busy passtime. There can be so many moving parts that occasionally people will give up before they’ve even begun. If you find yourself needing a little extra help, have no fear. I’m here to assist you will all your planning needs. From helping you along with your vendor check list, to helping lessen the stress of your wedding day by keeping those mimosas coming, I’m here for it all.

Let me have your back on the day that you've been dreaming of for so long!

It will be amazing.

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