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It’s Never too late

It’s never too late!!

Marriage isn’t for everyone. Some people believe that verbally committing to your partner and showing up in your relationship every day is all that you need. There’s an unspoken companionship that you build with event together for more than a decade, not to say, shorter, relationships aren’t valuable, but there’s something that’s added once you’ve surpass that amount of time together.

I see years, go by you may change your mind or opinion, regarding what marriage means to you. The definition will be different for each individual, but the endgame is the same.  Openly committing yourself to one another in front of God and or family and friends is an extremely special moment in time.

Building memories is something that will be continuous. It starts from the very beginning of your relationship, until after it ends. Memories are built on enjoyed moments in your life with your partner, and yourself, along with core memories that can and will develop. Age is just a number. Don’t let that deter you from finding your forever person whether your relationship is new or decades old.

You deserve to be happy.

As you age the frills of wedding planning seems to fade as well. Occasionally you may loose interest in things of large scale. Large ceremonies, elaborate flower arrangements, or overwhelming catering prices to feed half of your guests who rsvp but end up not showing up. Illuminate the cost and the stress from a large wedding and focus on something that’s just right for the two of you. I am here to embrace, and suggest elopements to all my couples who feel that something more intimate is what they need. Elopements can be tailored to any need/want you may have. Elopements can be simple or they can be grand. They can be near or they can be far.  Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Finding a location that speaks to the two of you is becoming more important than pleasing your in-laws, or wearing your mothers dress. Making sure you are being true to who you are, is most important in your everlasting happiness.

Couple: Russel & Tamara

Officiant: @amobilenotarypnw

Photographer: @acutelensphotographyandevents

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