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Oh Baby!

When it’s your time to have your little bundle of joy, there are so many things new excepting moms go through.

Affirmations are something that can be extremely grounding. Keeping your mental health clear and not clouded is and can be a hard task.

A clear, concise mind is where any great idea begins. You need to release any tension, resentment, or anger you have revolving around your new bundle of joy and continue to cling onto that piece of mind. Encouraging words of kindness and wisdom will keep you level headed. Your delivery day will come with a lot of emotions from so many parties. It’s not always just you and your husband who are involved in your birthing plan.

Things that are helpful to remember while your delivering…

“I am surrounded by love in this room.”

“My baby and I are safe.”

“I trust my body to grow and deliver healthy child.”

“I am overjoyed to meet my baby.”

“I trust my intuition to make the best decisions for my baby and me.”

A lot of these affirmations are needed to hold onto your peace of mind while you deliver. Nobody can know for sure how the day will go from the moment you begin to feel contractions to arriving at the hospital. Begin this process early. Place habits within your routines that will carry on after you have your baby.  You can start with something as small as repeating some self affirmations. Drinking some calming tea before he’d, or taking a moment after you feed the baby to do a little meditation. Do any of these things throughout your day, when you find a moment of free time while managing miscellaneous tasks during your busy day. You need to be consistent with something so essential that can help combat PPD. Even when your thinking about all the what-ifs that come with having either your firstborn or your last there is always something new to learn.

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