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Outfit Guide

1. Comfort is Crucial

When talking to my clients I try and be completly transparent when recomending sugesting outfit options. I know when I'm not comfortable in my own clothes it definitly shows.

When getting ready for a photoshoot, you should always take some things into consideration. I can tell when my couples are uncomfortable or uneasy. When it applies to me it shows all over my face, in my body language, and in my eyes. Opt for a comfy mid length dress, flowy pants and cotton knitt crop top, or even some dark overalls with a cute ankle boot. Whatever you feel most comfortable in will make it work.

2. Color Matters

I know choosing the right outfit for your photoshoot can be a dificult thing. Try looking at neurtal color pallets and earthy tones. I try and recommend to all my couples to be aware of the shades/prints they and their partner are choosing. I usually sugest to steer clear of bright and overwhelming patterns. Below I'll list some dos and donts to help guide you during your next session.

Donts: Dont wear spotty printed tennisshoes, large logo T-shirts, neon colored shoes or jackets, or wear sweatpants in any color.

Dos: Do mix and match solid and pattern between you and your partner. Try and find the ballance between both worlds. Do look at earth and neutral tones to keep things simple when your wanting to focus more on the scenery. Offset outfits with jean jackets, chunky shoes, and some killer shades.

The options are endless.

3. Accessorize Minimally

I know as were going into the middle of 2022 we have some minimilist ladies around here. For photoshoots with you and your hunny, I suggest keeping the jewelry simple and suttle. A favorite necklace, 1-2 bracelets on your wrist. Choose a simple earing, a stud, or small hoop. Keeping your accessories minimal can help keeping the focus on you and not on your jewlery. If your not able to decide grab a bag and bring it all. I'm more than happy to help you decide what pieces will work best with the outfit you've chosen.

There are so many other factors that can apply to your session, if you get stuck along your way, please reach out and let me know. I'm more than happy to help you through the deciding process.

That's why I'm here!!

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