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Portrait Session


If you’ve been wondering why you should book a portrait photo session as women it's because we often don’t give ourselves the permission to enjoy life outside the box. There are so many reasons we should be celebrated. We’re empowering, one of a kind, and deserve to feel beautiful more than just a few times in our life.

There’s such a variety of style options when taking portrait photos. Some of my clients prefer to go all out. To have me rent a studio, pick a killer outfit on instead, rent one. We can add in some florals or fun props making the options endless!

Earlier this week I felt like I needed to do something just for “me”. There’s not enough transparency revolving around vendors and their own mental health. We spend our whole career serving, capturing, and sharing what we see through our lens with our clients that our own needs are usually compromised or ignored. Wedding season especially is a difficult one for us. When busy, we're able to shoot upwards of 10-20 weddings in the height of summer. Then we try and cram editing in on top of that. It can and does add up to quite a few hours spent in front of a computer or screen and a lot less time spent on doing the things that make you calm or relaxed. I met Malina this week as another photog in the local area. We did a session swap and boy was it killer!! I can’t wait to go back for another session. While we were there I did some portrait style photos of her and if I do say so myself she killed it!!!!!

You don’t need to own a business to have portrait photos done for you. Let’s get you dressed up or down into something comfortable and get shooting. I have all the ideas, ready at my fingertips.

Photographer: @acutelensphotographyandevents


Model: @bloomboudoirbymalinarose

Location: Portland, OR

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