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Wedding Gowns & Bridal Options

Top 5 Elopement/ Wedding Bridal Styles of 2022

When trying to decide what your going to wear on your wedding day, you may run into some confusing dilemma. Do you choose something long and flashy, or do you pick the suttle spaghetti strap dress with satin buttons cascading down the back?

I'm here to help you narrow down what choices are best for you. I know when picking out my dress, as time went on all dresses began to resemble eachother. It wasn't until I decided to try on something out of the box that I knew I'd found the one. As soon as that zipper zipped I knew it was the one for me.

***Before listing your tips below, add one last sentence that sums up your paragraph or offers a smooth transition to your listicle.

#1 - Short Dresses

Short Dresses are most definitly making a come back. Come on over and join the long legs club and do some showing off. Pick a killer pair of wedding shoes and strut your stuff all night long. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear. Its all up to you on your wedding day.

#2 - Ruffles

If your anything like me, deep down you have a wild side. Your heart craves a little something more. You want to stand out in the croud and to draw some attention towards you. Adding ruffles to your dress will most definitly add demotion to your dress. If you add your ruffles to your bodess or blouse all eyes will most definitly be on you. You could add ruffles to your skirt to add additional volume. The ruffles can be any shape or size, big or small. They could cascade down your dress, or line the sides of your sleves. The options are completly endless.

" If it doesn't make you feel fabulous don't do it, don't buy it, don't keep it."

-Dashin' Darlin

#3 - Floral Gowns

2022 has brought everyone's creativity out of the box. Flashy colors, bold prints and patterns are standing out more than they ever have before. Brides and Couples are adding more personallity into their weddings. Colorful prints are eye catching, whether you add them to the dress or your train you are sure to catch some attention. Floral dresses can be flirty, festive and fun; and do you know what??

If that sounds like you, I think fierce and functional may be your middle name!

#4 - Wedding Suits

Do you think of yourself as the unconventual bride? Are you the bride who wants to wear custom wedding sneakers, or have a doughnut wedding cake?? Are you someone whod rather embrace your feminin side and branch out with something new? Do you identify yourself as the non-traditional one in your family?

" No gown, no problem"

There are so many diffrent types of outfits that can suit you just as well. There are so many sleek dress aternatives. Rampers are great for beach / summer weddings. You could pair a skirt with a long sleeve sparkly top, or even a poofy skirt with a simple strapless corset. If a skirt isn't for you, dont fret! I'm 100% okay with and will recomend a wedding suit to anyone and everyone! Embrace being a woman and wear the crap out of your suit.

You'll be HOT AF!

#5 - Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are simply beautiful. Lace can flatter your figure, lace can gives you "that" bridal look, and lace can give you the luxury feel without breaking your bank for a bigger and "better" dress. There are so many options regarding lace, you'll definitly fine the one. If you like the whimsical, feminine, romantic look then a lace gown may be the one for you!

I can say most of my brides choose lace dresses and look gorgeous. Its 100% on my recommendation list. When looking for my wedding dress, I found a lace dress that I thought was the one. It made me feel beautiful, timeless and special. It ended up not being the final one for me, but the way it made me feel was nothing shot of amazing, and I know other brides will feel the same.

Lets find "Your" dress!

I hope these top 5 dresses will inspire you to go out and look for your dream dress. If you need a recomendation on where to start: Brides for a Cause in Portland/Tacoma/Seattle/Sacramento is a wonderful organization that helps repurpose gently used/never worn wedding dresses.

"Brides for a Cause is more than a bridal store - it's a bridal store that raises funds for charity. We collect and resell wedding dresses to raise money for charity. Since 2012 we've collected over 23,000 wedding dresses and given away over $1,400,000 ti various local charities across the country."

- Brides for a Cause Website-

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