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We’ve made it!!

We're a full three weeks into 2023 and I can't believe I've done three photo shoots so far. Studio sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite past time sessions, but I can't deny how much I miss a good summer golden hour session.

Golden hour usually happens when the sun is behind the subject/client. Golden hour or magic hour usually takes place 1 hour before sunset or sunrise. Golden hour can provide the perfect light when capturing stunning photos. Sun flares are some of my favorites. Sometimes a natural occurrence, other times it's most definitely intentional. Regardless of the way it's captured, it's always beautiful.

This last summers engagement session was gorgeous. The weather showed up and the evening breeze held off while we adventured around. Locations for your engagement photos are ALWYAS important. I try snd consider all options before suggesting them to you as a final suggestion. If you want beautiful Columbia River Gorge views then this spot is for you!!

We even were blessed with a few sail boats on the river while we were out.

The evening was beautiful and we ALL had a blast! If your newly engaged, congratulations I can't wait to be of help as you begin to plan your special day!

Spring and Summer 2023 dates available for engagement photos/elopements and weddings. You're photos don't just have to include the two of you. Please feel free to bring the whole family and or your pets! ❤️

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