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What do you do in the middle of a pandemic??

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


Does anyone else feel like this pandemic is never ending?!

As we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, things begin to close in again trapping us in this unwanted continuous limbo. As you sit there, in your ever so familiar armchair you begin to think about all the things you'd like to accomplish this year. To move into that new place, to get that new promotion you’ve been working towards since last year, or even getting married.

What do you do in the heart of a pandemic…?

You do all the damn things! You Elope, you get that new place, you make spontaneous decisions towards your true future, go on that vacation you've been eyeing all year. Don’t let anything hold you back, this is you’re life and your 100% in control.

Becky and Jordan’s Olympic National Park Elopement was to die for. They were the sweetest couple whos love radiated throughout the afternoon. Becky and Jordan got to dictate what they wanted calling the shots to be completely in control of their special day. They decided that Eloping was the right choice for them and in 2 weeks had planned all of what they needed to do so. It didn’t take a year, there we no sad tears shed, no unwanted stress regarding unruly family. Their day was filled with love, light, and laughter as they spent the long afternoon doing JUST what they wanted. Taking things slow, appreciating the little things as they laughed edlessly with eachother. We ended the night with some light painting and boy did that not disappoint! My first time doing something this creative, and I can’t wait to offer it to other couples in the very near future.

Congratulations to the both of you, you really do embody what pure love is. If you or your loved one has been thinking about eloping, then now is the time. Don't wait, take matters into your own hands and go for it. I would love to chat about all the options that I’m able to offer. Lets begin planning your special day.

I get a lot of couples who want to bring their animals to their shoot. The messages usually begin upbeat, excited about the potential experience until they begin to realize that their animal isn’t the best behaved. The nerves begin to set in, and worry fills the continuing messages. It makes me happy that my clients think about what will be easiest for me instead of what is best for them; but I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader, to support you in your decision and to tell you, that it’s the best idea to bring your animals. Dogs, Cats, or whatever creepy crawly creature you want to bring, I’m most definitely game.

Things to do to help ease your stress revolving around your animal.

1. Meet in an outdoor/indoor neutral space

2. Tire your pup or animal out before hand

3. Come prepared: If needed I’ll come with toys, treats, or any other item to get your animals attention.

4. I’ll focus on capturing natural moments instead of soley posed photos.

5. Don’t worry: I’ll be the one trying all the things to get your animals attention, and if we need to take breaks we sure will!

This experience should be fun!! You should be excited to share your session with your animals, they really do make the best photos, and if your anything like me, your animals are truly part of your family and having them as family means no one deserves to be left behind. Let’s bite the bullet and jump in with both feet, I know you won’t regret it!

I can't wait to meet all my excited couples, lets get to it!

Kindest Regards,


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