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Where should we take our Engagement Photos?

I have so may couples asking where "the best" location for engagement photos is, and to be 100% honest there isn't a particular place thats right for everyone.

I've compiled a list over the past year to help my couples when this question arises.

I have recommendations near and far. Most of my couples prefer the coast or the Columbia River Gorge-- and I'm so excited to add another gorge location to my list!!

Some of my favorite places to explore have been:

  • Oregon Coast ( Cannon Beach, Hug Point, Cape Kiwanda, Neskowin Beach, and more)

  • Columbia River Gorge ( Womans Forum, Vista House, Latourell Falls, Goverment Cove)

  • Washington ( Lake Washington, Vancouver, Olympic National Park, Mt. Rainier)

This is:

Goverment Cove

I've been wanting to shoot at Goverment Cove for some time now. This location is packed with so many gorgeous cliff sides and beautiful exposed rock that you cant get enough. How could you not fall in love?!

Shaquante and Michael showed up ready for their engagement session and most definitly understood the assignment. They served up some killer looks, and ended up KILLING their session. If you begin to second guess yourself halfway through, or start to doubt your worth, or even if you find yourself in need of a little confidence booster, I'm here for it all! No matter your convern, I have your back. Being your photographer means more to me than just talking your photo. I'm here to help you with posing, I'm here to boost your confidence, I'm here to be your cheerleader, and I'm 100% in your corner. There's nothing more I love than seeing than my clients blossoming from the beginning of their shoot towards the end.

I hear so many concerns from my couples, and they range from...

"We're probally going to be awkward in front of the camera."

"We've never taken professional photos together before."

"You'll tell me if I don't look good, right?"

"I don't know what to do with my arms."

As you look over towards me with confusion don't fret! I am here to help you keep all those worries at bay. Our time together will be filled with joy, laughter, and suprises.

I can't wait to meet all my new 2022 brides come wedding season.

I am extremly blessed to know and meet so many wonderful faces each year; and I'm so thankful for the bonds I'm also able to make.

Hug Point, Oregon Coast

Goverment Cove, Cascade Locks

So, weather you'd rather take engagement photos in front of a waterfall or cliff side is up to you, but once you decide I'll be here with all the sugestions as to what we should do.

To book your Session or Wedding/Event today, click the link below to inquire.

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