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Wedding tips and tricks

If you find yourself having a difficult time choosing your wedding day vendors I have a little something to help you. Your wedding day is the ONE day that deserves all the special attention to details. Below you will find a list of amazing, consistantly awesome vendors. I've personaly worked with everyone listed below and have loved every minute of it.


Getting added to my prefered list I would say is an honor, I take pride in recomeding vendors to all my couples because I know stakes and standards are high. 

2023 Wedding Guide

What to expect

When planning a wedding the feeling of stress can and will sneak up on you quickly. I want your day to be filled with happiness, authentic connections, and people being present. I will always direct and pose my clients so you don't feel or look awkward in any of your photographs. When stuck I use photos for references to help me get back on track. Together we can plan out some favorite poses you may have so together we work as a team. I promise when we work together, will make magic. 

As a wedding photographer I have a few weddings under my belt. I like to think I've almost seen it all. The nerves do kick in, your wardrobe may be a little off, something will malfunction, and your mother will always be the one to cry first. Weddings can bring out all the emotions with families. Some of my couples seem to shift between being too overly excited and extremely overwhelmed as you are going through the difficult part of wedding planning. 




A fancy shoot

A shoot like this is usually called a "Bridal Portraits" but can also be used for grooms as well. Some choose to schedule these for their partner as a gift, but others do it for themselves. To test out some wedding makeup, or to put on your wedding dress just "one" more time before your big day. Whatever the reason I'm here waiting to take your photograph. All we have to do is pick a location, and we're off.


Are you wanting a little help without asking for it?

On your wedding day, it's just that. It's YOURS. Make sure you take a few moments and focus on you. This is your day, you should stay true to who you are.

If you've been to overwhelmed there isn't anything wrong with asking for help. If asking for help isn't your strong suit I'm here. Try things in small increments, start now ahead of time to help you in the long run. Also when you deligate people love to help you when you need help. 

Understand that on your wedding day not everything will go your way, which is why I'm there ready to help. Make sure you take everything in because it will rush by quicker than you may think.

If keeping your self calm is your biggest priority I'm here to take care of everything. With my list of preferred vendor we can get the ball rolling to give you the best day ever.

Some of my couples want an unplugged ceremony but don't know how to ask for it. If you'd like to have an unplugged wedding you can ask a family friend you trust or your officiant to make a shot but sweet reminder before starting your ceremony. If all else fails I am here to make that announcement.

Photos of Lovers

It's pretty safe to say that your wedding day will pass you by quicker than you think. What may be overlooked is the amount of time you and your new partner will spend along together. It's extremely important to me that I pull my couples away for some quick intimate photos together. Earlier in the day I will have scoped out the perfect location to sneak you two away for some well deserved magic together.

Making sure your venue space or venue has good natural lighting. 
- Big windows is a good option when taking portraits of people, getting ready photos while brides get their makeup done. (Your hair and makeup team will be thrilled too!)

A clutter-free space 
-Knowing your surroundings is a good place to start when taking bridal or first look photos. A space with an interior style that reflects who you both are is a good place to start. Fill your space with flowers, your favorite things, along with a few of your most treasured people.

Having a thought out timeline. 
- Planning your timeline for your wedding can be very hard. Knowing when to add in an extra few minutes for steps can be confusing. I make sure that I help you build your day of timeline with either you, or your day of coordinator in depth so that way you don't need to worry.

Indoor or Outdoor Weddings
-If you are like me you like along the PNW coast where its ever raining, gloomy most days of the week, and will always be windy. If you plan on getting married outdoors there are somethings to consider. 
- The time of your wedding 

(note where the sun will be during the time of your ceremony!)
- What will the background look like?
- Do you have enough space not just for you and your guests, but the food you'd like and your reception space.

If indoors some things to consider are:
- What kinds of of lighting is available to you?
- Are there rules around your ceremony space?
- Are there rules about moving furniture or fixtures?
Do they allow flash inside the chapel?
- Do you have a preference on how close I get during the ceremony?


There are quite a few factors that can apply to making your wedding day just perfect.
Below I'll list a few of what I've learned over this last year.

After the Ceremony...

Don't panic because you will probably get swarmed.
- After your ceremony all your guests, and I mean everyone will want to say hello and give you both a hug. Your friends and family are all and forever loving and this may take a minute. If you'd rather not be put in that position going right into your bridal or couples portraits may be the right idea for you. We can sneak around the back, down a ally, or through a back hallway to make sure you both are kept a secret for just a little longer.  

Reception Time!
-The more you know about your venue the better. Occasionally the venue provides a day of coordinator for you, but sometimes they require you to hire the one they provide or then can recommend someone they prefer. Having someone who knows all the details about the venue is a good thing, but if you haven't worked with the coordinator before it could be a little hectic on your special day

Let's Eat!
- I don't know about you, but I'm not the biggest far of having my photo taken while I'm eating. So during this time as your photographer I'll pause and eat at the same time you do. This allows me to eat while you do ensuring I don't miss anything worth capturing. If your dinner or meal is by headcount only please don't forget my vendor meal. 

 First Dance's
- Some of my couples prefer to do more of an official dance with there new spouse, others go right in for it and just do what feels right. Whether your a planned out kind of person or a go with the flow preferrer, I'm here to capture it ALL! Ditch the standard and go for what makes you happy, lets get you out there and shake some tail feathers!

How do I deliver your photos...

My editing time can vary depending on the albums I'm editing. My projected wedding editing time is 6-8 weeks. In the heightened summer months it's pushed towards 8 weeks. To help with the waiting game I make sure I send you your sneak peek within 3-5 days so you can share a few special moments with your family and friends. 

When I am finally done with editing, its always a nerve-racking waiting game in awaiting your response. Feel free to share your images all over social media, or with friends and family; but when you do please give me a shoutout so I can like and repost them too! Not only does it help others find me as a photographer, it helps direct people to my website with further questions. When reposing please refrain from adding or altering the images that I've provided. It may be fun, but does go against the things outlined in my contract and also gives a different look as to how I edit my images. If other vendors from your special day for their business page please refer them to me so I'm able to provide them with the gallery and photo rights. 

Meet the Vendor Dream Team

Day of/Month of Coordination:

Athena.PNW- PNW Wedding Coordination, 5-Star OR+WA Wedding and Event Coordination

Taylored Events- Wedding + Event Planning, Event Rentals, Luxury Pop-up picnics. OR based/Travel AZ+CA


K.N Media Group- Kassaundra & Nick Photography Videography Wedding Film Makers

Nathan Rowlett- Photo and cinema Wedding Filmmaker, Video creator. Live, create, inspire.


Flowers byAlana- Oregon Wedding Florist. Bringing your dream wedding to life with absolutely gorgeous flowers. Published florist in Brides/Wedding Chicks/ Rock N Roll Bride/ OR Based/+

Lush Floral Design- Portland based wedding & special event floral designer. Custom creations for inspired memorial events and unique couples.


Power of Love Rentals- Eclectic Wedding/Event Rentals and Design Styling WA+OR. We believe that all magic is possible with the Power of Love.

Setting the Table Rentals- Vintage and specialty tableware rentals for your unique celebration. 


Drouhard Heritage Farms- OR Wedding Venue and Floral Design

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort- Remote & Rustic Mountain Washington Resort 

The Evergreen- Historic event space in an iconic Portland building. Weddings, Music, Parties


Rachels Little Bake Shop- Bakery, Self taught baker. Custom cookies, cupcakes, cakes. Based in Gresham, OR.

Bees Custom Cakes- Custom cakes & cafe. Custom desserts and local wholesale

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